Menopause & Beyond Menopause


Greater Later Living

AND an Energetic Future

When reaching middle age, you are faced with fluctuating and declining hormone production

You see changes in your face as well as in the rest of your body

Your energy levels may drop also, and you may become hesitant about a future with possibilities

Trust me, you can gain confidence in your journey well into the future, starting today

Learn How to Facilitate Your Way into the Future

Ease the changes that appear when your hormone levels change and dip,

leaving you flustered and uncertain about a future with health, energy and purpose

All courses aim to support your Mind, Body, and Future


Beyond Menopause

Have a Vision of a Future with Possibilities

Your journey from Peri-Menopause to Well Beyond

Gain invaluable insights on how to live your life today, well into the future with

  • Health
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Mobility
  • Confidence

Natural FaceLift Method (NFL)

Refresh | Rejuvenate | Restore

´╗┐Facial Features Naturally

Using the NFL techniques, you strengthen muscles, clear congestion in all facial skin layers which helps nutrient rich blood to reach all cells supporting their health. This brings radiance to your face.

From a Facial Reflexology perspective, your general health and wellbeing benefit at the same time => WIN/WIN

Kick-start Your Future

Gain confidence in a future with many possibilities.

Limiting beliefs, often imposed by society, the media and the workforce, makes middle aged women feel they are no longer valuable and needed

Menopause with Ease

As hormone production fluctuates and then drops, your body is going through a roller coaster journey trying to find a new way to function.

The aim of the courses is to ease these symptoms so your life becomes more comfortable

Improve Sleep

Hormonals changes can have an impact on your sleeping pattern and quality.

I share proven steps and techniques that help ease this and give you improved quality of sleep so you have more energy during the day, with improved focus


As hormones change, you may experience waves of anxiety and/or stress through body and mind.

Stress levels increase as body and mind change compared to what you have known for decades. Proven steps are shared to help ease the symptoms

About Anne

I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 3.

Nearly 72, I am passionate to empower you to live your best life with an open mindset, health and mobility!

Life and working with clients since 1999 have given me so many wonderful insights into what is possible and what we can achieve using the tools and techniques I am now sharing so you can have an energetic future with options.

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